VIDA Products YIG Wireless Technology

VIDA Products is a cutting edge, high-tech company with more than 35 years industry experience. VIDA products is a proudly Woman Owned Small Business(WOSB)
Manufacturing superior quality and highly reliable YIG products. We are dedicated to providing reliable repair for YIG Filters, YIG Oscillators, YIG Synthesizers,
YIG Multipliers and YIG Test Equipment, specializing in service for HP/Agilent/Keysight products. Shipping worldwide, all repairs include a 90 day warranty. We support Test and Measurement Calibration and Repair facilities, Government support services and Military support operations.  GET A QUOTE NOW or Klick n’Fix for fast service!

Introducing the Worlds Smallest YIG Oscillator!Front Small Oscillator Photo with Arrow

“The Pill” aka  VOM-624

• 6 to 24GHz operating range
• 1mm x 4mm package
• Low power
• Excellent phase noise
• Excellent spurious response

Use your existing magnetic tuning package or design your own. Sealed in 1mm thick by 4mm diameter pill package. Works in proprietary and industry standard packages.